He Is Risen



Introduction To Lessons

This lesson material is designed for use (as appropriate) with pupils in years 3-6 (KS2) but some of it can be selected and used as appropriate for KS1. It is suitable as a follow-on to the assembly but it can also be used stand-alone. There is enough lesson material here for a scheme of work and it is divided into sections (which are identified as starter, plenary, contextual enquiry and evaluation of learning). These can be selected and mixed as appropriate for individual lessons, but we recommend that you consider combining all the appropriate material, together with the assembly, to create a special activity day.

Everything that Superbook Schools provides is free and downloadable. However, we have only used short extracts from each episode in the lesson and assembly material. If you would like to purchase the full 22 minute episode, follow this link to our Superbook DVD Shop.

Pedagogical Device

This lesson material uses the pedagogical device of ‘being a good poet’ to encourage the pupils to investigate and respond to the biblical story of the death and resurrection of Jesus (the Easter story). It links with the curriculum requirements for teaching about structure and figurative language in poetry, by exploring Psalm 22 in relation to the Easter story. It culminates in writing a poem about the Easter story, utilising the same structure as Psalm 22, and appropriate figurative language.

Learning Objectives

  • To develop their understanding of structure and figurative language in poetry.
  • To explore the structure and content of Psalm 22, in relation to the Easter story, developing an understanding of the figurative language and the nature of Old Testament messianic prophecy.
  • To connect the biblical story of the death and resurrection of Jesus with the big story of the Bible.

Biblical Source

  • Matthew 26:47-56
  • Matthew 27:11- 28:20
  • Psalm 22

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